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Gainesville Sun: Frustrated landlord, 83, hurls weight through tenants’ window

A recent Gainesville Sun article illustrates the downfalls of landlord “self help”. According to the article:

The 83-year-old landlord had had enough with her tenants, who she said were two years behind on rent. They won’t even answer the door when she knocks, she told authorities.
She found a way to get their attention, and it landed her in jail Monday night.
[The Landlord] picked up a 10-pound weight from an outdoor bench press and threw it through the front window of the house, according to an Alachua County Sheriff’s report.

Landlords who have delinquent tenants understand how this woman feels. However, there's no reason to land yourself in trouble with the law. In Florida, Landlords are forbidden form “self help evictions” or taking any action to intimidate or coerce a tenant to move out of a property. Florida Statute §83.67 (current as of July, 2016) lists a number of practices that are prohibited by law and may subject the landlord to significant penalties.

There’s no reason to allow a delinquent tenant to remain in a property. The longer they stay, the more time and money you will loose. I  can help you quickly and legally retake possession of your property, with most evictions for non-payment of rent being completed within a few weeks. If you have a tenant who is not paying, don’t risk going it alone. Contact our office today to get started.