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Civil Litigation - Landlord/Tenant, Breach of Contract, Evictions, Will Contests

Gainesville Florida Civil Litigation Attorney. Areas of practice include: Breach of Contract, Landlord/Tenant, Evictions, Will Contests, Exploitation


Since 2007, I've represented individuals, small businesses and insurance companies in a wide-range of legal matters. When you're involved in a dispute regarding your business or property it is one of the most important events in your life and deserves special care and attention. I routinely help clients with a number of civil issues including:

  • Contract Disputes - Contract disputes can take many forms but typically involve one party breaking an agreement or promise with another. Examples of contract disputes can include a customer failing to pay for services provided, a vendor who fails to provide the type or quality of services agreed upon, an individual who owes another money or defaults on a debt and many other disputes between individuals and businesses.
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters - I represent property managers, housing complexes and individual landlords in all aspects regarding rental property including creating leases, resolving disputes with tenants, enforcing lease provisions, preparing notices and filing evictions.  Click here to read more about my Landlord/Tenant practice.
  • Will and Trust Contests - There are many grounds to contest a will in Florida, but a will contest must be timely filed to be valid. Reasons to contest a will can include if the will was executed through fraud or under duress, if the person executing the will lacked capacity due to a mental or physical disability at the time the will was made or if if the person was unduly influenced by another.
  • Removal of a Personal Representative or Trustee - If a personal representative of trustee is not performing their duties they can be removed for cause. Some causes for removal include failure to properly administer the estate, mismanagement or misappropriation of assets, conflict of interest, failure to comply with court orders or conviction of a felony.
  • Guardianship and Incapacity - Guardianships are necessary when a person becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to handle their personal and financial affairs. They are also sometimes needed in the case of minor children when their parents are no longer able to care for them or when a child inherits or is awarded a significant amount of money. Click here to learn more about Guardianship.

A Practical Approach

Litigation is expensive and at the end of the day, I've never had a client tell me they enjoyed being involved in a lawsuit. My goal is to help you avoid problems before the dispute arises and keep little problems from blowing up into bigger ones. I regularly help clients negotiate agreements and point out areas for trouble before they arise.

However, when litigation is inevitable - and sometimes it is - I'm prepared to represent your interests in court. Whether you're forced to file a lawsuit or have gotten dragged into one, my goal is to help you to resolve the matter in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Personalized Service

I strive to provide excellent customer service. I make myself available to clients in many ways including in person, by phone, email and through audio or video chat. If you're local to the Gainesville area, I'll even travel to your office if that's more convenient.  When you call my office during business hours, your call will be answered by a live person (maybe even me) and messages are returned promptly, typically within one business day and usually faster.

I routinely work and consult with a select group of attorneys that have complementary ares of practice my clients need. If I'm not the right attorney to help with your situation, I can point you in the right direction.