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Gainesville, Florida Landlord/Tenant Attorney - Evictions, Leases, 3-Day Notices

Handling all types of Landlord/Tenant matters including Evictions, Drafting Lease Agreements, 3-Day Notices, Security Deposit Disputes, Lease Violations and more.


Protect Your Investment

Rental property is one of the most popular and valuable investments you own. I encourage my clients to take a proactive approach to managing investment properties by putting into place proper lease agreements and addressing minor issues before they turn into major ones. However, if things have gone bad I have the experience to advocate for you in court. 

Don't Wait

Sadly, too many property owners only contact me when a serious issue has arisen with a tenant. By this time, thousands of dollars may have already been lost. Landlord/Tenant laws have changed significantly the last few years. That form lease you've been using for years or "borrowed" from the Internet is probably no longer up to date with current laws or comprehensive. Don't wait until you have a problem to find out.

I Can Help

I regularly represent individual and corporate property owners as well as large apartment complexes and management companies with a variety landlord/tenant matters including evictions in Gainesville and the surrounding areas. Don't wait until there's a problem; contact my office to find out how I can assist with the following areas:

  • Evictions
  • Drafting Lease Agreements
  • Negotiation and Review of Lease Agreements
  • Drafting Notices
  • Delinquent Payments
  • Security Deposit Disputes
  • Resolution of Lease Violations
  • and many other common concerns...


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