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Estate Planning

What Would You Do?

Over 50% of Americans have no formal estate plan and most of us will suffer some period of disability during our lifetime. If you were to die or suffer a period of incapacity without proper planning your loved ones may be left with little or no guidance on how to handle your affairs. 

  • Who would care for your children?
  • Would your family be able to access your financial resources and benefits?
  • How would you want to be cared for?
  • In the event of your death how would you want your assets distributed?

Who Needs An Estate Plan?

Every adult, regardless of their financial or family situation, needs some type of basic estate and incapacity planning. However, if you have children, have ever been divorced, are remarried, are a senior citizen, are in a same-sex relationship, own a business, or have a large estate, the need for planning becomes even more important.

Getting Started

No one wants to think about death or incapacity. But putting together a plan is probably easier than you think and will give you and your loved ones great peace of mind. Your estate plan should be customized to your specific needs and desires. A typical initial consultation will last an hour or more and we'll spend that time reviewing your personal and family situation, assets and wishes. I want to get to know my clients and their individual needs. Be very leery of attorneys and services that will offer you inexpensive forms and template based solutions; you're probably getting the same plan the person who walked in the door before you picked up.

Want More Information?

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